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After each treatment the positive effects lasted longer

I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands when I woke up each morning, sometimes redness and swelling as well. Bowen Therapy feels great at the touch point, but you can also feel sensations in other parts of your body as well. My numbness and tingling were reduced in the mornings, and disappeared all together for days after the treatment. After each treatment the positive effects lasted longer. I would recommend Bowen as a helpful alternative treatment that people can try. It helps reduce pain and fix problems, with the added benefit of a relaxing treatment, that is quite different from something like massage. Bernadette made the experience very positive, her natural, open, friendly and calm nature really left a positive image of Bowen Therapy along with the excellent treatment she provided.

Tanya T. September 17, 2016

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If it could help me, I’m sure it can help anyone else

I had Core Decompression Surgery on my hip about six years ago when I was about thirty years old. I decided to try Bowen Therapy because I have tried physiotherapy/massage therapy all kinds of different stretches from multiple sources. Somethings would work for a little while but I would still walk with a limp and in pain. I would take Aleve daily for my hip pain. I was told by my doctor that we need to try and prolong my hip replacements as long as possible, so I would only have to go through two maybe three, instead of three to four replacements. My result were quite impressive compared to the pain I was in before. Now I do my one morning stretch to line up my lower buddy and I seem to go through the day with very little pain. I do not have to take as many pain relievers anymore. The entire process was very relaxing. When all else fails, it’s always key to be optimistic and try new things, you never know what you can come across. I would recommend Bowen Therapy. If it could help me, I’m sure it can help anyone else. I’m extremely grateful …Read More

Roman Kutcher September 13, 2016

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I would absolutely recommend others to try Bowen

I’m always open to trying new things. I regularly would see a massage therapist which would help for my lower back problems. The thing I didn’t like about massage was the pain I would feel for 3 days after my appointment. I have also been to chiro which I would benefit from but the pain of getting adjusted wasn’t for me. I was introduced to Bowen Therapy and was intrigued so I decided to give it a try. The first session was very different than anything I was used to. It seems almost too gentle to have any type of affect but I decided to try a second appointment. I noticed a difference in my lower back after just 2 appointments. I followed up with 2 more appointments and after the fourth we both agreed that I was feeling good enough that I didn’t need to come back. I would absolutely recommend others to try Bowen. The benefit that you receive from the treatments with no pain is worth trying something new.

R.L. September 13, 2016

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Thank You Bernadette!!

After 2 years of chronic knee pain and trying everything from different forms of therapy to prescribed insoles nothing seemed to help. It would work for a little bit then the pain would be back. I heard about Bowen Therapy through family and decided to give it a try. At the first session I was a little confused because Bernadette was doing these light touches then would leave the room for a few minutes. I thought how is this even going to help me, she was in the room for such a short time. But by the end of the session my body had a sensation that I hadn’t felt before and I felt great. After a few sessions I wasn’t wearing my insoles anymore and to this day the knee pain is gone. Thank You Bernadette!!

Roxanna K. September 13, 2016

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Thanks Bernadette for the professional and personal experience!

I’m not usually the kind of person to write positive feedback about a service or product, in fact if I take the time to write, it’s usually because I had a bad experience. But my experience with Bowen was something I felt I needed to share. Going into it I had an open mind and believe that the body can truly heal itself. I wasn’t expecting much because I didn’t have any serious long-standing health issues. My first appointment seemed to really relax my body and I noticed that I had a fuller range of motion that lasted through the week. Prior to my second appointment I received a sports related injury. My lower back had a pulsating pain that lasted nearly 7 days. I thought for sure I would have needed chiropractic work, as I had received years of this kind of treatment in the past. Within an hour after my second Bowen treatment the pain was completely gone. I couldn’t believe how such simple movements could have such a lasting effect. I can see Bowen as a service that I would use on a regular basis to keep my body in check. Thanks Bernadette for the professional and …Read More

Eric C. September 13, 2016