Thanks Bernadette for the professional and personal experience!

Bernadette Kozak

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I’m not usually the kind of person to write positive feedback about a service or product, in fact if I take the time to write, it’s usually because I had a bad experience. But my experience with Bowen was something I felt I needed to share. Going into it I had an open mind and believe that the body can truly heal itself. I wasn’t expecting much because I didn’t have any serious long-standing health issues.

My first appointment seemed to really relax my body and I noticed that I had a fuller range of motion that lasted through the week. Prior to my second appointment I received a sports related injury. My lower back had a pulsating pain that lasted nearly 7 days. I thought for sure I would have needed chiropractic work, as I had received years of this kind of treatment in the past. Within an hour after my second Bowen treatment the pain was completely gone. I couldn’t believe how such simple movements could have such a lasting effect. I can see Bowen as a service that I would use on a regular basis to keep my body in check.
Thanks Bernadette for the professional and personal experience!

Eric C. September 13, 2016