If it could help me, I’m sure it can help anyone else

Bernadette Kozak

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I had Core Decompression Surgery on my hip about six years ago when I was about thirty years old. I decided to try Bowen Therapy because I have tried physiotherapy/massage therapy all kinds of different stretches from multiple sources. Somethings would work for a little while but I would still walk with a limp and in pain. I would take Aleve daily for my hip pain. I was told by my doctor that we need to try and prolong my hip replacements as long as possible, so I would only have to go through two maybe three, instead of three to four replacements.

My result were quite impressive compared to the pain I was in before. Now I do my one morning stretch to line up my lower buddy and I seem to go through the day with very little pain. I do not have to take as many pain relievers anymore. The entire process was very relaxing. When all else fails, it’s always key to be optimistic and try new things, you never know what you can come across. I would recommend Bowen Therapy.

If it could help me, I’m sure it can help anyone else. I’m extremely grateful I tried Bowen Therapy and living my life in less pain.

Roman Kutcher September 13, 2016